Name: Antonino Provenzano
Street: Musterstreet 18
Zweibrücken, Germany
Tel: +49/0123456789

Spring 2012 to dateStudying computer science at the University of Kaiserslautern
in Zweibrücken.
2007 until 2011Trade school at the Adam-Josef-Cüppers College in Ratingen.
2001 until 2007Municipal Secondary School Heiligenhaus.
1997 until 2001Primary school St. Suitbertus Grundschule.

Work Experience
2009 until 2009An internship at the company CIS Computer & Internet Service.
2010 until 2011Internship as a web programmer at the company Thold-IT.

Language:Italian ( native language )
German ( fluid )
English ( fluid )
Interests:Playing soccer, reading, light painting, graphic design.

Available on request